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Reflecting on Resolutions: Progress Over Perfection

Remember those lofty goals we set in the spirit of a fresh start? Well, if your journey wasn't flawless, worry not! The key here is to be patient with ourselves, understanding that change is a gradual process, not a sprint. The best path to growth is mastery over one skill at a time…. AND building on those skills incrementally. Its PROGRESS over PERFECTION.

Was one of your resolutions, participating in ‘Dry January’? Maybe you didn't go the entire month without a sip of alcohol, and you know what? That's perfectly okay! The whole point of Dry January is to encourage us to question our relationship with alcohol and make mindful choices. Celebrate the victories, even the small ones. If you found yourself reaching for that mocktail instead of the usual cocktail, or perhaps you opted for that extra glass of water more often, give yourself a high-five. You increased your hydration!

Hydration, oh sweet hydration! Being well hydrated regulates body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, prevents infection, delivers nutrients to cells, keeps organs functioning properly, improves sleep quality, cognition and mood! Just by being mindful of finding alternatives to alcohol, you made the intention to care for your body and probably quenched its real thirst.

As we move forward into February, let this month be a stepping stone towards a lifestyle that aligns with your well-being. Reflect on the progress made, what’s your NEXT STEP in the journey towards a healthier and happier version of yourself?

So, how did YOU do with your resolutions? Share your wins, big or small, and let's cheer each other on because, in this journey, progress truly is the ultimate success! 🌟💪 

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