Grandma taught me

Grandma taught me

I could write volumes about the many things I have learned from my grandmothers. But lately, I have been thinking about my paternal grandma. We called her 'Ma'.

Ma grew up in a small rural town in Idaho. She was born in the early 1900'sand lived through the Depression, so she knew the value of a dollar and how to make what she wanted. I have since learned that she was praised for her needlework. I really didn't appreciate this, as I only saw her after arthritis had made working with her hands difficult. Despite her pain, she taught me how to crochet during one of my holiday visits. This knowledge has been patiently waiting for me to rediscover it. 

During one of my first road trips with Big Al (my 'late-in-life' love and now husband), I picked up a ball of yarn at a shop and thought I'd give it a try. I love to read while traveling, but that activity puts a damper on good conversation and enjoying the passing scenery. Much to my delight, I could enjoy both while I played with my fibers. 

I wish Ma could see all the resources now available. With Pinterest, YouTube, great blogs and boho fashions, inspiration and instruction are truly at the tip of my fingers. So now, handcrafted accessories are designed and created during our road trips and movie nights. I call it my guilty pleasure and hope that Ma knows how grateful I am that she shared her knowledge and is smiling down from Heaven on Charmed Valley Farm.

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